I am your word whisperer, your confidence curator
and the finder of your voice!

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You see, I am really no different than you. There was a time in my life where I was a yes sir, no sir, how high can I jump Sir kinda Gal! I sat silent fearful of causing a ‘ruckass’ or making someone uncomfortable. So I sat, silent, uncomfortable, FEARFUL and INVISIBLE.

Pieces of me were crumbling on the inside and I was unsure of how I would get them back.

I was in a marriage that did not allow my soul to sing and in male dominant careers where the female voice was, shall we say, unappreciated.


I had the good fortune to work for a strong, kind hearted female District Manager and she ‘coached’ me to be fierce! She gave me the tools to be a strong leader that empowered my team – my all female team in the store that I led.

We had a voice and that voice mattered! 

That voice also had me in the Top 10 for sales in North America consistently – it is amazing what happens when your voice has value.

I have taken that training and have continued on the path to be that Champion, the cheerleader, THE Empowerment Coach for women. My education continues to ensure I am meeting the needs of the women who are ready to come to the table.

I know YOU were born with a voice that was unapologetic!

When you let your voice out as a babe people listened and took action. Along the way, your voice has been quieted or even worse, silenced and I am here to guide you to reclaim your voice, take back your power and your worth.

A mom, Nana and wife with a very supporting and encouraging husband ( 2nd marriage for the win) I am here to guide you on your journey. I know your voice has power and your words have worth.


Sheri is down - to - earth, and a kind and loving truth teller. She'll give it to you straight, but always with love and compassion. She's not afraid to share her own struggles to help other women know that  they're not alone.

~ Jo Ann K

It would be my greatest honour to walk with you on your journey as we reclaim your voice and elevate your self-worth allowing you to be Visible and Profitable in your business / career.


Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we'll ever do.

Brene Brown

Trusted and Accredited