Event Emcee

Whether you need an event emcee, conference keynote or workshop leader, Sheri’s vivid personality and colourful, spirited approach to life will be the crowning addition to your function.

With her contagious smile, Sheri tells it like it is, inviting her audience to join her in an adventure to celebrate themselves, their power, and their value.

I am comfortable enough with my own journey to tackle tough subjects with kindness, to shake up thought patterns and move your clients / audience / employees to take action.

Let’s work together to ensure your message is being brought to your audience.

Sheri speaks from her heart and has a beautiful and authentic way of telling a story. Her speaking engagements are engaging and inspiring. Her goal is to help women to stand firm in their power and use their voice to change the world they live in. I would highly recommend Sheri as a speaker.

 ~ V. Ophelia Rigault, Radio and Television Host, YourTV

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Sheri Godfrey is a life-saver! Minutes before I was to step on stage to host my live event, my emcee arrived whispering to me that he couldn't fill his role! I was shocked and unprepared to host my day-long event without an emcee. However, without preparation and without hesitation, Sheri stepped into the role and her brilliance shone!!! She spoke from the heart; used her intuition; and emceed the whole day without a hiccup.
If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need an emcee or suddenly need a speaker, I would highly recommend Sheri Godfrey! She is brilliant. I'm thankful to have her in my circle.

 ~ Diana Lidstone | The Entrepreneur's GPS

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Private Coaching

Sit for a moment and consider, your team of employees spend more of their waking hours with each other than they do with their own family.

Has your organization created a safe space for each team member to actively participate in fully? Is your team fully aware of the company values and do they feel they are being upheld?

Leader Definition              Team Definition

Are your Leaders / Managers ruling their team or are they guiding their teams?


> Does your team lack motivation, commitment and loyalty?
> Could your sales team be performing at a higher level?
> Could your team be more unified?

If you are currently struggling with any of the above let’s have a conversation to explore what new actions could be taken to improve morale, motivation and productivity.

I am confident that you have offered traditional workshops to your team and that you even saw short term improvements. The same old same old no longer works. Diving into the heart of the people, the people that make up your team can create shifts.

Shifts in how your employees view each other, shifts in how your employees view themselves and shifts in how your employees, your team, view their value within your organization.

If you are looking to make fundamental shifts, to create ongoing impact and improvement then we need to have a conversation.

Let’s talk about what has worked and what is not working within your team. Together we will determine your goals and objectives which will allow me to customize a workshop for you and your team.

Some topics to consider: Team Building, Sales Conversations / Motivating Sales Teams, Personality Dimensions, Presentation / Speaking Skills, Mental Health & Well-Being, Group Guided Meditations.

Now is the time to empower your Leaders to Guide and to show your Team that they are the most valuable asset in your organization.

Sheri's seminar was a positive, fun and uplifting presentation. She used personal experiences to teach and guide and open up our minds. I would highly recommend her.

 ~ Angela Bagyan

Sheri was so positive and inspirational. We got to speak and learn about all of the positive attributes of ourselves and our coworkers. It brought all of our coworkers closer together and made everyone think before judging each other after doing the seminar with Sheri. She is so positive and upbeat and fun, you just want to hear more

 ~ Julie Larkin

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